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Where Monsters go to GROWL and GROW!

Going to school for the first time is one of the biggest things you'll do in your life. You're away from home, fitting in with routines and learning so many new things ... whilst also getting along with a class full of new friends. It's exciting, but a massive change!

SCHOOL OF ROARS helps children prepare for school life by exploring a child's first year through the relationships and experiences of our mini monsters.

Because they're monsters, our little heroes go to school at night, led by teacher Miss Grizzlesniff. The class learn lessons on how to be monsters, like counting the legs on spiders in maths, how to howl at the moon in music, or making delicious Blushberry Blob Cakes in cookery. Our monsters experience life-lessons through their adventures such as caring, sharing, friendship and fun, mirroring the social and emotional behaviour and group dynamics of our audience who are starting school.

© 2017 Monster Paw Productions Ltd /
Dot To Dot Productions Ltd



Format: 52 x 7 minute episodes

Target Age Group: Pre-school - 3-6 years

Genre: ZDFE.junior / Animation

Animation by: Dot To Dot Productions Ltd

Created and Directed by: Alan Robinson

Executive Producer: Jo Killingley

Executive Producer for the BBC: Sarah Legg

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Wingston’s daddy is running late and so when all the other little monsters head home for slime shake and games with their mummies and daddies, a woeful Wingston helps Miss Grizzlesniff fill the goo pit...until he hears a strange sound coming from the dragon egg tank! Wingston’s friends won’t believe what they’ve missed!

THEME: Don’t worry if your mummy and daddy are late!



Miss Grizzlesniff has a bad case of the sniffles so Mr Marrow steps in to teach the class. He soon discovers how tricky teaching lots of different subjects can be and gets in an almighty muddle. With each lesson turning into a disaster, can he find his own special way to help the little monsters learn?

THEME: Finding your own way of doing things



Meepa is very excited about the class photo and is even wearing a special new bow. The trouble is she can’t sit still and ruins every snap with her fidgeting. Can Wufflebump teach her to stop wriggling and achieve Miss Grizzlesniff’s dream of the perfect picture?

THEME: Learning to sit still



Wufflebump and Yummble have always been bestest friends, but when Yummble helps Meepa draw her monster portrait in art class, the pair suddenly hit it off and start doing everything together. They wash their painty paws, sit together at lunch and hold hands going into class. Wufflebump feels very left out and thinks he’s lost his bestest friend forever! Can Miss Grizzlesniff show him that you don’t need just one best friend; you can have a whole class full!

THEME: Having more than one friend



Wufflebump causes chaos when he accidentally brings his ‘monster-dog’ Growlbert to ‘Show and Tell’. The naughty dog buries all the items the monsters have brought into class, and Miss Grizzlesniff is forced to send him to the squishy corner. But when a door handle catastrophe takes place, can Growlbert leap in to save the day?

THEME: Trusting your friends


Icklewoo holding Album


Meet the little monsters that go to the SCHOOL OF ROARS ...

Join them on monster-mazing adventures as they explore their super snufflesome world guided by their quirky, kind and fun loving teacher MISS GRIZZLESNIFF. Whether it’s digging up weird wonders in the nature garden, reading books in the squishy corner, or finding foody fun in Mr Marrow’s cookery class...every night at the SCHOOL OF ROARS is roooarrrrr-some!

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Miss Grizzlesniff Miss Grizzlesniff Hover

Miss Grizzlesniff

'The lovely Teacher'

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'The Gentle Giant'

Icklewoo icklewoo Hover


'The shy one'

Yummble yummble Hover


'The Greedy Guts'

Meepa meepa Hover


'The Chatterbox'

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'The Brain Box'

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The Teachers at
School of Roars!



’The Lovely Teacher’

“Oh my claws!” Miss Grizzlesniff is the best teacher in THE WORLD! She launches herself into every school night to motivate the monsters with patience, kindness and curiousity.

Good roaring!” She gives the most impressive ROAR when welcoming everyone at the start of every school night. She wears a pretty daisy necklace and has a long tail that sometimes comes in very useful for the exciting classroom activities she leads. Miss Grizzlesniff is quick to help our little heroes find their own unique solutions to the challenges they face.

She’s gentle and lends a paw or listening ear to help our monsters make the right choices. Miss Grizzlesniff is popular with all the staff at the school. She’s full of fun, loves playing the guitar and is always ready to comfort with a big ‘monster cuddle’.



’The gentle giant’

Wufflebump lives in a volcano. He’s the largest monster in class and is always bumping into things and tripping over his tail! But his clumsiness never gets in the way of his eagerness and curiousity to join in.

Wufflebump doesn’t always make the best choices, such as the time he gave the wrong answers on his eye-test to get a pair of glasses; or when he used his dog’s squeaky bone to play tricks and make Yummble laugh. Nevertheless, he always turns things around in the end.

Wufflebump is a daydreamer who can be easily distracted; luckily this can be really useful in coming up with surprising plans to help his classmates. He has a horn on his nose, which sometimes comes in very handy, and he absolutely loves looking after his pet ‘monster-dog’ Growlbert.

wufflebump Sticker


’The Shy One’

Icklewoo lives in a flower windmill with her mummy and daddy. Being one of the smallest monsters in class, Icklewoo often finds it difficult to be heard, with her tiny voice and even tinier growl. She’s shy and can get stage fright!

Icklewoo is a worrier, but it always comes from wanting the very best for all of her friends. Sweet and loyal, everyone loves Icklewoo, but her shyness means that she sometimes has to do things a little differently. Like the time she found the courage to sit on the ‘buddy bench’, which then became the centre of fun for her classmates.

What Icklewoo lacks in size she makes up for in imagination and she’s always coming up with bright ideas to solve her friend’s problems. She loves hosting tea parties with her toys and thinks ‘stink cake’ is scrummy!

icklewoo Sticker


’The Greedy Guts’

“Yum, yum, YUM!” Yummble lives with his mummy, daddy and twin baby siblings in a giant mushroom - which he knows he cannot eat! Yummble has a monster appetite. He is constantly on the lookout for food (especially his favourites: Crawly Cookies, Blushberry Blob Cakes and Snaffle Apples).

Yummble’s gusto for life sometimes means he accidentally forgets good manners, but his giant heart is much-loved by his classroom chums.

At times it’s hard for Yummble to share his mummy and daddy’s attention with the baby twins, but he is determined to try his very best to be a good big brother. He’s learning to be more independant, like the time he made a hat all by himself, and ended up with the winning prize at the school ‘Hat Day’!

yummble Sticker


’The Chatterbox’

Meepa lives in a tree flat. Meepa loves talking and often finds i t hard to sit still, which makes things really difficult for everyone on school photo day! She loves dressing-up and being the centre of attention to entertain her friends. Sometimes Meepa’s momentum and oomph causes a sticky situation; like when she wanted to be firs t in the school playhouse, even though the paint wasn’t dry!

Meepa takes every oppurtunity to make noise in class and loves answering questions. She doesn’t put one hand up - she puts up all four, calling out “Meepa, Meepa!” Meepa is caring though; whether she’s looking after Wufflebump’s pet or appointing herself playground nurse to attend to her schoolmate’s emergencies. Her sheer zest and energy is infectious!

meepa Sticker


’The Brain Box’

Wingston lives with his daddy and granny in a castle. Wingston is a winged-wonder and impresses his chums with his amazing aero-BAT-ics! He has a brilliant brain and is the cleverest monster in class. Like all genises though, his thinking is so fast that sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on one thing at a time! He likes to help his friends out if they get stuck in lessons and they love hearing his fascinating facts.

Wingston is competitive, and has worked his way up to level six in the computer game “Slimey-Slimey Squish Squish”. At times, Wingston struggles with the emotional things in life that seem to work against his strong sense of logic: like enjoying a visit from the Tooth Fairy. However he always learns that there’s nothing to worry about and some of the best adventures can come from new experiences.

wingston Sticker


Welcome to our school!

We’ll meet many other characters behind the School of Roars gates: there’s the comical cooking teacher MR MARROW who is drafted in to help with our lessons; our kindly school nurse MISS SNEEZLE with her bandage bats, sprays and tubs of ‘there-there’ cream; and of course, our all-important Head Monstress MRS TWIRLYHORN who oversees everything with efficiency. Other visitors include MR SNAPPER the crocodile school photographer, MR BOGGLELOTS the optician, and the school inspector MS SNARLEBITE.

The little monsters’ unique families join in with the school fun too: Yummble’s parents and their baby twins...Icklewoo’s hard working mummy...Wingston’s post-bat daddy...and Wufflebump and Meepa’s parents too. The series also features a NARRATOR who introduces us to each school night and brings everything together at the end of their exciting escapades.



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